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Thursday, July 07, 2005

7/6 Thread

JULY 6, 2005 (41-42)
San Diego-4 Houston-5
W- Andy Pettitte
L- Jake Peavy
S- Dan Wheeler


PADRES MVP- Brian Giles
ASTROS MVP- Dan Wheeler

PADRES LVP- Jake Peavy
ASTROS LVP- Mike Gallo

What Wen't RIGHT- Andy Pettitte notched his sixth win. The offense was good enough, again. Willy was 3 for 5 up top, Biggio and Ensberg each drove in a run. Burke's streak is up to 11.

What Wen't WRONG- Pettitte left the game after the 5th inning because he strained his arm. Mike Gallo got roughed up for the second night in a row. Aside from Russ Springer's hold and Dan Wheeler's save, the bullpen had to scrape by and meander its way through an error to hold off the Pads.


The Astros are one game under .500. It's hard to believe we are a half game ahead of the Cubs, 1 win away from sweeping the first place San Diego Padres, and just a win or two away from being a winning ballclub at the allstar break. But Andy Pettitte strained his arm again. That is terrible news because the reason the Stros have been so hot lately is the quality starting pitching. The offense has been adequate but the pitching; both the rotation and the bullpen have made the biggest contributions to the recent hot streak. Pettitte has been a big part of the rotation, especially lately and if this injury is anything serious... And Ezequiel Astacio has to substitute and play how many homeruns can I give up, the team might be in a little bit of trouble. Zeqe has been terrible in the majors but he is still dominant at AAA. His troubles in the majors can be traced to control issues. But is his control really that much better in the minors. Perhaps Astacio's stuff isn't good enough for major league hitters. He can afford to miss some spots against minor league hitters.

At any rate, Pettitte is hurt. The bullpen got the job done tonight. Barely. Russ Springer picked up a hold and Dan Wheeler picked up his second save of the season, in Brad Lidge's absence. In between those 2 though, Gallo, Harville, and Qualls struggled through 2 innings of work. Whatever the job was done. But it is a good thing that Wheeler did manage to end the game in 9 innings. If the Padres had tied it at 5, Wheeler would have to pitch until giving away to the only remaining pitcher available, Mike Burns.

Padre's pitcher Jake Peavy had strep throat today and obviously didnt pitch his best game. He gave up 11 hits which is the most he has allowed all season long. Haha. I'm going to say this again because this will probably be my only chance all season. The Cy Young candidate allowed 11 hits, his highest total of the season, to the Houston Astros.

Get out the brooms I smell a sweep. Wandy vs Woody. Hopefully they start Burroughs tommorrow, because he hasn't started in a while. Even though he can't hit lefthanded pitching. The only Houston pitcher he is successful against is Brad Lidge, he's 2-4 with a walk. Get a hit tommorrow Burke...


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