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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Back to Back Bruntlett Posts, Homers

Bruntlett is Back... (To Back)(To Back)

Yesterday I posted a piece on Eric Bruntlett. I noted that I liked the way he took so many pitches and upon receiving my internet again tonight, I did a little research to back up my hypothesis that Eric took more pitches than anyone on the bench. Well look at what I found.

1) Kevin Youkilis- 4.52
2) Jayson Werth- 4.50
3) Eric Bruntlett- 4.47
4) Bobby Abreu- 4.42
5) Jose Valentin- 4.41


1) Bobby Abreu- 4.42
2) Jim Edmonds- 4.32
3) Casey Blake- 4.28
4) David Dellucci- 4.26
5) Brad Wilkerson- 4.25
6) Adam Dunn- 4.24
7) Mark Bellhorn- 4.23
8) Nick Johnson- 4.20
9) Travis Hafner- 4.16
10) Pat Burrell- 4.13

OK. Lets talk about that top list first. Those are the top 5 players, excluding pitchers and hitter who have very few plate appearances, but including players who have as few as 60. Actually Eric has the lowest amount among the players on both lists with just 64 plate appearances. Actually looking at all of the names on both lists it looks as though nearly every single player fits the exact same mold. They are power hitters, or at least players who have some power who tend to strike out a lot.


1) Mark Bellhorn- 109
2) Adam Dunn- 104
3) Brad Wilkerson- 104
4) Pat Burrell- 100
5) Jim Edmonds- 89
6) David Dellucci- 78
7) Bobby Abreu- 71
8) Casey Blake- 67
9) Travis Hafner- 63
10) Nick Johnson- 52

In case you were curious, Bellhorn, Dunn, Wilkerson, Burrell, and Edmonds are in the top 10 in strikeouts. Dellucci isn't far behind. The next 4 players have decent strikeout numbers, especially Hafner and Johnson. So I suppose that just because you see a lot of pitches it doesn't make you a great hitter. It is very hard to group these players at all besides the fact that they see a lot of pitches. They are powerful for the most part. I guess the easiest way to decide who is getting the most out of seeing so many pitches is creating a quick formula. I'll use BB/K, OBP, and BB/PA. I'll add up all the numbers and in the end we'll get an index score and we will see who is in the best shape. This formula is largely influenced by Eric Bruntlett and is therefore only represented through percentages. Keep in mind that BB/PA carries a slight weight above BB/K and that OBP carries a smaller percentage than both. This formula is kind of deep so I'll draw it out some other time.


1) Bobby Abreu- 318.9
2) David Dellucci- 296.0
3) Nick Johnson- 284.4
4) Adam Dunn- 284.3
5) Jim Edmonds- 264.6
6) Travis Hafner- 259.6
7) Mark Bellhorn- 223.8
8) Brad Wilkerson- 218.2
9) Pat Burrell- 208.5
10) Casey Blake- 149.6


Eric Bruntlett- 163.6
Willy Taveras- 95.9
Morgan Ensberg- 210.8
Albert Pujols- 288.2
Derrek Lee- 239.3
Kevin Youkilis- 205.4
Jayson Werth- 184.0
JD Drew- 307.2
Luis Castillo- 396.1
Chipper Jones- 333.8
Gary Sheffield- 291.2
Brian Giles- 403.1
Matt Lawton- 319.6


Barry Bonds (1986)- 232.0
Barry Bonds (1988)- 241.8
Barry Bonds (1993)- 392.8
Barry Bonds (1997)- 421.6
Barry Bonds (2001)- 408.5
Barry Bonds (2002)- 807.2
Barry Bonds (2003)- 576.9
Barry Bonds (2004)- 1002.9

I'll call it walk ratio index number or WRIN. Basically the way to get a high score is to walk often, strike out rarely and hit well. It is the ultimate "good eye" statistic. Bonds actually managed to crack 1000 in 2004 which is pretty insane. It doesn't mean it was the best season ever. But it does mean it was the best season ever if the criteria is on base percentage and strikeout to walk ratios. In other words Bonds' 2004 season was the best season a player could have as far as walking often and striking out rarely. No one is even close to cracking 1000. I can't stress enough how impressive Bonds' numbers are, even in the early stages of his career... A record that will truly never be broken is Bonds' WRIN stretch from 2001 to 2004 in which he amassed a grand total of 2795.5. Call him an asshole all you want, but he will go down in history as having one of the best eyes in the game.

By the way, the only practical use for this statistic is to determine which player you need if you are looking for a player who rarely strikes out, or walks more than enough to strike out, while maintaining a high batting average. Or if you are like me and wonder if Eric Bruntlett really has the best eye on the Astros' bench.

Also... Craig Biggio and Lance Berkman hit back to back homeruns back to back in today's game against Philadelphia. That means they did it twice. Andy Pettitte got the win and as Larry Deirker said, this game proved a lot because the Phillies are 3rd in the league in scoring and are playing very well lately. Pettitte, Mike Burns, and Chad Harville allowed just one run on a cheap Jimmy Rollins solo homer. Five games over .500 folks.


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